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woensdag 22 juli 2009

Nijmegen Four Days Marches : Day Two

The second day of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches
(Vierdaagse), the day of Wijchen, went very well. There
have been no accidents, the weather was sunny and
the atmosphere on the Wedren was fantastic.

The second day of the Vierdaagse is also known as
Pink Wednesday (http://www.rozezaterdag.nl/) and is organised
by the thriving gay community that is present in Nijmegen.
During the day we recieved a pink lei and wuppies in many
different colours.

Today went well for us, of course we had our share
of pain, but we have had worse days. Right now we
are resting and preparing for the new walk tomorrow.
During the walk we also met some people we know
of whom we did not know they were participating,
it is a small world ! The marches are held in a different
part of the country than the part we live in and there
are 45.000 people walking the Vierdaagse, so it was
really special that we met them. We met Teun (an
acquaintance), a former colleague of mine whose name
i do not remember and Linda (http://dametje20.hyves.nl/)
and we all wish them a good walk.

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Gez Butterworth zei

Great photos.

Hope you are well & rested for tomorrow. Take care & have fun. Gez.xx