Goal for 2014 : Craft a hole in my stash !

zondag 29 maart 2009

Easter Sylvanian

My friend Jenifer made another altered Sylvanian,
an Easter one this time. Is it not adorable ? I find
the hat especially sweet, gorgeous !

zaterdag 28 maart 2009

Happy Earth Hour !

maandag 23 maart 2009

Cool Book

This is a new book i bought. I think it is really cool.
The trick is : you read the educational text on the
left page and recieve instructions there on how to
colour the black and white illustrations on the right
page. There is a whole series of these books and they
are used by Biology students around the globe to
learn about the various Biology topics. Interesting
to say the least !

vrijdag 20 maart 2009

Easter Craft Sets

Here are some Easter kits i got at a local store, i can not
wait to try them out. They top two ones are needle-felting
kits and the bottom one is a sequin kit. Both techniques
i am familiar with so it should be fun.

Well, you know what i will be up to the next few days.

donderdag 19 maart 2009

Retro Easter Decorations

More Easter Happiness at the second hand store !

dinsdag 17 maart 2009

Easter Twigs DIY

These Easter Twigs are both a joy to look at as easy to
make. All you need is twigs, feathers and sewing thread.
You make small bunches of feathers in the colours that
you like.

You can choose many colours or stick to one, as i did. I stuck
to the yellow variety. When you have enough bunches of
feathers you stick them on your twigs and you are done.
When easter is over you can take out your featherbunches
and keep them stored till next year. Make sure to keep them
in a small box or something so they will not get flattened out.

zaterdag 14 maart 2009

Classic Easter Decoration

Look what i found at the second hand store :
two old Easter decorations. They are really
funny and have great details. The spring-twigs
with the wooly bits on them for example, i have
never seen that before.

dinsdag 10 maart 2009

Recycle Icon

U know the tiny plastic closures on top of your milk and
juice cartons ? You can make them into something really
nice, namely these icon-type thingies. You can use them
to decorate cards, gifts and decos. Or anything you can up
with. You can use any hobbypaint to paint the plastic flips.

maandag 9 maart 2009

Springbird Banner

To create some Spring indoors, i made this
Springbird Banner. The colours are a bit brighter
than on the pictures. The front of the birds are
made from scrapbookingpaper and the backs
are made from fuchsia and easter-yellow cardstock.

vrijdag 6 maart 2009

Spring/Summer Craft

This is a craft i did last year, when the weather was warm
and lovely and i was sitting at the outside table. The wind
was blowing and that resulted in the wandering of the
tablecloth, how irritating. I did not feel like going to a store
to buy tablecloth-weights so i had to come up with a solution
to the problem myself. After a while i knew what i had to do
and combined stones, bits of string and clothespins into
tableclothweights. And they worked ! I was quite satisfied
with myself that day, you can imagine.

donderdag 5 maart 2009

ATC's : Valentine

I am either really early or very, very late with these
ATC's as they are obviously Valentine's ATC's. I like
the way they turned out, pinkish-vintage. And ofcourse
i used my trusty vignettes, i can not seem to leave them

woensdag 4 maart 2009

ATC : Wings

An ATC set with birds and one butterfly. I love
birds on ATC's, it is fun to work with them as a lot
of them have happy colours and give you a feeling
of spring.
For these ATC's i only used recycled material, apart
from the pens and the ink to age the borders.

maandag 2 maart 2009

ATC's : Easter

It is quite early to already be doing Easter Crafts
but i could not help myself. These are my Easter
ATC's. I just love vignettes and i like to use them
on my ATC's. I also might be using them on some
cardboard easter eggs that i am planning to decorate.