Goal for 2014 : Craft a hole in my stash !

maandag 31 maart 2008

Knitted Hats

What do you want most when it is cold outside ?
A warm knitted hat ofcourse ! Well, i think so in
any case. So i have been knitting lots (it is an easy
knit) of this kind of hats and will show four of them here.

zondag 30 maart 2008

Sylvanian Rabbit

The Sylvanian Families. I have as long as i know been
a sucker for those sweet little critters. But i wanted something
different, so i bought some Fake-Sylvanians (real ones are just
too expensive) and i already altered one of them, it is now
a VERY pink rabbit with a tutu and a tiny handbag.

woensdag 26 maart 2008

Three Kings

Maybe i am a bit early with this craft, or else quite late,
but this is the first of the Three Kings, or Wisemen if you
will. He is made from a pinecone, not the rough type of
cone if you understand what i mean. It is not a difficult
craft to make but i really enjoy doing these kind of dolls
because they are just too cute !

maandag 24 maart 2008

ATC's : birds

It is lovely weather so one more spring-ATC
with a bird. Outside the birds are singing and i
thought i might just convey that onto an ATC :)

zaterdag 22 maart 2008

A Blue Friend

Remember that i made a Pink Cat and a Green Rabbit
for my sister a while ago ? Well, she was overjoyed, but
... NOT CONTENT. I am joking ofcourse, but she really
wanted the small Blue Friend to join the Pink Cat and the
Green Rabbit. So here it is, the critter called Blue Friend !
I hope the three of them will live happily ever after :D

vrijdag 21 maart 2008

Krimpie Dinkie Tryout

Tried out some yoghurt-cup-shrinking and the
results are these strangely formed objects. The
ones i am most happy with are the two on the right
and they are very thick :D They are made out of the
bottom of a yoghurt-cup or container, or whatever
you want to call it. I shall go on with experimenting
with this free Shrinking Plastic and keep you posted.

donderdag 20 maart 2008

Mah-Jong family

As i mentioned before, our family is very fond of the
game Mahjong. My cousin is on his way to become
a real Mahjong-celebrity even ! He is going to take
over the organisation of a dutch tournament called
the White Dragon Tournament, so i think that is
worth a congratulation :D


woensdag 19 maart 2008

She Knits Socks !

A while ago my friend Jenifer started knitting and
she is now totally hooked (har har). She has finished
her first pair of socks and is working on the second,
i am betting she never expected this. Check out this
photograph to see how she is doing :

dinsdag 18 maart 2008

Soft Lights

I made these lights out of glass jars, baking paper, some
yarn and pinecones. If you think they look nice now, you
should see them when there is a light burning in them !

maandag 17 maart 2008

Easter Twigs

I decorated the easter twigs today, with colourful eggs,
pompom chicks and yellow feathers. It is a tradition that
goes back to the 19th century and symbolises the expectation
of flowers in the spring. I just think it looks really festive.
You could also use different colour feathers, but i stuck to

zondag 16 maart 2008

Easter Cards

These are this year's easter cards i made. Mainly out of
scrapbookpaper. I love scrapbookpaper even if i am not
a scrapper, but who knows what still lies in the future for
me ! Never say never.

zaterdag 15 maart 2008

First ATC's

I found some scans of the first ever ATC's i made,
how much fun is that ! I can say with a hand on my
heart that i have come a long way, and that is meant
positively :D

vrijdag 14 maart 2008

Junk Journal

Corien and myself followed a workshop some time ago
about making a Junk Journal. At the time is was not a
huge succes, but i now feel like i would like to try out
this technique again. In a Junk Journal all the pages are
different and made from junk and/or scraps, so again
it is only your imagination that sets your boundaries.

woensdag 12 maart 2008

Gran made this

My Gran crocheted a bed for my sister and myself
(my sister has a pink one). She crocheted around an
empty buttercontainer, she was one of the very first
to be recycling unusual objects ;) The bed has a real
mattress and a pillow with lace. If you are wondering
who were going to sleep in the crocheted beds, here is
your answer, it was for these guys :

Let me introduce to you : The Matchstick Dolls.
I do not know if they were called this officially, but
we have been calling them that for ever. Probably
because when you bought them, they were packed
in a Matchboxtype box. They have rice in their
bottoms and i find them totally adorable. Since my
Gran only crocheted one bed, i will probably be trying
to crochet one or more myself too. I will keep you
posted on my progress :D

zaterdag 8 maart 2008

My Crafty Family : Part II

Again a post about two of the crafty women in my
family ! My mother makes the prettiest paintings,
she really found a technique that she likes to work
with. Here is a painting of a church, it is the first
one she ever made in this technique.
My aunt has her second exposition of her
watercolour-paintings. She has been painting with
watercolours for over a decade and she is really good
at it ! The painting you see here is the picture she used
on the invitation for the exposition.

woensdag 5 maart 2008

Knitted Knitting Bag

I made a knitted and felted knitting bag for my
mum, because it is her birthday next saturday.
It does not show, but the bag is made out of
TWELVE balls of yarn, it is heavy ! After the
felting i added some crocheted flowers to the bag.
Anyways, the picture says everything :D

zondag 2 maart 2008

Pink and Lime

I made this Pink Cat and this Lime Rabbit
from felt for my sister who is a huge fan of
these silly animals. I am sure you know and love
them too, and did you know they have their own
website ? http://www.hoopsandyoyo.co.uk/
Have fun when you visit it !