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dinsdag 30 juni 2009

ATC's : birds

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In This House : Forest End 1

Charlotte is a 11-year old girl that lives in Coneberry
Village. She has a fantastic aunt, called Irene, and she
loves her aunt very much. Her aunt does not live in
the village center, but in the forest nearby. Irene is the
handiest person Charlotte knows : she can knit, embroider,
crochet, sew and many other things. She bakes the best
pies, makes the sweetest jams and juice, all with fruit from
her own garden. Charlotte loves to spend time with her
aunt. Everybody would wish to have such an aunt.

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In This House : Beach Road 19

Beach Road 19 is a lightblue beach house and
it is as much a beach house as you can imagine.
The paint is bright, the furniture colourful and
there are shells in the windowsils. There are
driftwood photoframes and brightly coloured
towels on the clotheslines, happily blowing in the
wind. The girl that lives here is called Dorothy
and she loves the sea and the sun. All year long
she looks forward to the spring and the summer,
and if she is lucky she can sunbathe in the autumn
too. When sunbathing she reads books and does
crosswordpuzzles, what a lovely way to spend a day.

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ATC's : Vintage and Shrines

Here are two sets of Vintage ATC's that
sort of belong together.

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maandag 29 juni 2009

Mexican Loteria : Mano 21

Let me read your palm.

Here are two Mexican Loteria cards, the first
one is a colourful edition, the second one is one
in vintage brown colours. Beneath is the
colourful ML-card in its glassine envelope.

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In This House : Chapel Road 21

"I'd rather wear colourful socks", she said. Her mother
frowned. "I know you do", and got out two sets of
knitting needles. "I'll teach you how to knit, so we can
both knit you the prettiest socks in Coneberry Village",
her mother spoke in an excited voice. And so they did.
Every evening after dinner they sat around the cosy
fire and they knitted and talked. They knitted socks
with dots and stripes. They talked about new colour
combinations, and they had fun. Mary never had to
wear boring socks again.

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Read the Coneberry Chronicle here !

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Altered Book : Paperdolls

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Altered Book : Asian Art

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zaterdag 27 juni 2009

In This House : Market Street 56

Another quiet, sunny winter's day in Coneberry Village.
Even in the Pet Shop on Market Street no.56 time seems
to stand still. There is a little girl in the shop, her name is
Lily. She moves around the shop, bearing food- and
waterbowls for all the animals that live there. She loves
every single one of them but is fondest of Rupert. Rupert
is quite special because he can change his appearance.
Sometimes he is a big hairy dog, on other occasions he is a
white fluffy rabbit. He likes to look like a black cat most,
as he then can go around the Pet Shop looking like a
miniature panter.

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Colourful Butterflies

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ATC's : Little Prince

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In This House : Market Street 22

The cheeriest shop in Market Street has to be the
Boutique : Chapeau de fête. Iris, the store owner,
advertises in the Coneberry Chronicle with the
catching sentence : We have a hat for every party !
And it is true. She has so many hats in her store
that she stopped to count them a long time ago.
She spends her evenings designing new hats and
puts every single one together herself. Two nights
a week, her sister comes to help her with this and
they have the best of times together.

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vrijdag 26 juni 2009

woensdag 24 juni 2009

I [heart] Paris

A visit to Paris, pure bliss !!

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In This House : Chapel Road 2

Chapel Road 2's inhabitants are a family of five, a father,
a mother, two sons and a daughter, called Rose. Rose is
a bit of a wild thing. She is quite pretty and that makes
her get a lot of attention from the village boys. There
always seem to be atleast two of them following her
around the village. Today it is Rose's birthday and she
has a surprise. When the cake is delivered to her party,
all the guests are there, but Rose is nowhere to be seen.
But all of a sudden she makes a stunning and unexpected
entrance : she jumps out of the cake and starts to sing
Happy Birthday to me ! The shocked guests can not do
anything but join her singing.

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dinsdag 23 juni 2009

In This House : Chapel Road 15

Coneberry Village has a few new inhabitants. A family
from France has moved into the Old Convent that lies
in Chapel Road. The daughter of the family is a bit shy
and does not speak a word English, so she just smiles
when someone speaks to her, gets flushed cheeks and
hurries home where she sits behind the high windows
and looks into the street.

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In This House : Beach Road 66

In Beach Road numer 66 it is always busy, people
come and go. Family and friends, they all love to spend
their time there. So does Beth, the little girl that lives
in the wooden beachhouse near the sea. She loves to be on
the beach, swim in the sea and excitedly searches for the
most beautiful shells and is content with each treasure she
adds to her collection. Her friends sometimes make jokes
about her and say : you spend more time in your bathing
suit than in regular clothes. It makes her giggle.

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ATC's and postcards

The top ones are two postcard sized cards,
the bottom two are two matching ATC's.

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maandag 22 juni 2009

Button Men

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In This House : Forest End 17

In one of the houses in Forest End, number 17, there
used to live a family of five. Now it stands empty as the
family that lived there moved away from Coneberry
Village. The family had a nanny that went for a walk
with the youngest member of the family, Sarah. They
went out into the woods for a walk when it was snowing
heavily. Alas, a snowstorm hit the woods where they
were walking, and they were never seen again.

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zondag 21 juni 2009

Look what i got

Rini from http://catharinas-love.blogspot.com/ has been
spending her vacation in Norway and Denmark this year.
And since they were in the vicinity they paid us a visit,
it was good fun : dutchies having coffee together far away
from home. Sometimes the world is quite small. Rini
came bearing gifts : she made me a Friendship Pillow,
something which i have thought about doing too, and now
i will just have to start.

I also recieved a jar with buttons and odds and ends
and two lovely bundles of fibres. I really am a lucky
girl. Thank you very much Rini, i am going to make
good use of everything and i hope to have you and your
Maarten here for coffee many more times.