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zaterdag 13 juni 2009

In This House : Baker Street 22

Baker Street 22 is the house of Coneberry's music
teacher. This man's tale is a sad one, since
The Lady Music is the only love he knows. But when
all is quiet in the house, he feels his lonelyness.
Not that he has never had a chance to love and be
loved by a mortal woman, for he did. But he was
blinded by his muse and now must live the rest of
his life alone.

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4 opmerkingen:

Pascale zei

Wow these are beautiful ATC's I love the colours.
Thanks for joining in the fun at Winter Wonderland.
Hugs Pascale

Teri zei

Absolutely gorgeous! Your work is just beautiful!

Thank you for joining us at Winter Wonderland.

Teri xx

Aino zei

Gorgeous works. I'm so happy you are find my site (http://www.abcciria.vuodatus.net)

joey zei

Hi, your creations are beautiful, I love how you do your backgrounds. Thanks for joining us this week. Joey.x