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woensdag 17 juni 2009

In This House : Market Street 26

There is one particular lady in Coneberry Village
that always wants to look her best. Her name is Ruby.
She can be found in the "Ladies Delight", the local
dress-boutique, almost every week. She wants to
look beautiful for her husband, the love of her life.
The lady that works at the "Ladies Delight", tells
Ruby every time that real beauty comes from within.

Check this out : http://themethursday.wordpress.com/

7 opmerkingen:

Sandy zei

Wow this is unbelievable.
Stunning house and beautiful design. Love them.

vintage wil zei

Great artwork!!

Stempelfrosch zei

Wonderful work ! Fantastic house and deseign !
LG Anke

K zei


Aino zei

Nice place.

Anoniem zei


AliMayes zei

Fascinating - I love your little story too!
Ali xx