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woensdag 24 juni 2009

In This House : Chapel Road 2

Chapel Road 2's inhabitants are a family of five, a father,
a mother, two sons and a daughter, called Rose. Rose is
a bit of a wild thing. She is quite pretty and that makes
her get a lot of attention from the village boys. There
always seem to be atleast two of them following her
around the village. Today it is Rose's birthday and she
has a surprise. When the cake is delivered to her party,
all the guests are there, but Rose is nowhere to be seen.
But all of a sudden she makes a stunning and unexpected
entrance : she jumps out of the cake and starts to sing
Happy Birthday to me ! The shocked guests can not do
anything but join her singing.

Check this out : http://thethreemuseschallenge.blogspot.com/

13 opmerkingen:

Judy zei

Great take on the 'wild things' theme!!

Ozstuff zei

I love your take on the theme! It is so colorful and creative. The colours are gorgeous too. Wonderful work.

indybev zei

Ah, that Rosie was a fun girl, just the sort of wild thing all the boys love. Thanks for the colorful addition to our parade of wild things!

Eila A zei

Great and original interpretation of the theme! I love your little houses and their stories!

Taluula zei

Ah Miss Rosie certainly knew her own mind and what she wanted out of life. She just wanted to be Wild.

What a great take on the theme.

Ellen zei

fun to read the story she's such a colourful lady and will bring fun to any party. love your creativity

"MOI" Freubel zei

What a creative idea Rosie !!
And so wel done !

Anoniem zei

Prachtig huisje

Terri Kahrs zei

Rosie loved being the center of attention for the day! Beautiful entry and luscious colors. Hugs, Terri

Unknown zei

WOW...this is awesome...gorgeous work !

Luisa Migon zei

Love your story about this fun and wild woman!!!

Unknown zei

Très jolie maison, merci d eta participation.

Diane zei

Love your work and the story to go along with wild Rose!