Goal for 2014 : Craft a hole in my stash !

maandag 31 augustus 2009

A new animal : Agrius Convolvuli

I saw this moth yesterday. It was huge, the size of a
small bird. It was drinking nectar from flowers with
its very long tongue.

If you are interested in reading more about this animal,
check this out : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agrius_convolvuli

vrijdag 28 augustus 2009

Junk Journal

This is a Junk Journal i have been working on. It is
not yet totally finished, obviously, but i have just put
it aside a while now to decide how to finish it. Once it
is finished it will become my new "inspiration journal"
since my old one is more than full. To be continued.

Check this out : http://lotstodocallenges.blogspot.com/

woensdag 26 augustus 2009

In This House : Chapel Road 1

"The ghost in the bathroom"

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Check this out : http://opus-gluei.blogspot.com/

dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

maandag 24 augustus 2009

Rose Candles and tea-light candle holder

Made with decoupage glue and napkins. Small
effort, great effect !

Check this out : http://onepowerfulhour.blogspot.com/

zaterdag 22 augustus 2009

vrijdag 21 augustus 2009

In This House : Ocean View 3

"One apple a day ..."

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donderdag 20 augustus 2009

zondag 16 augustus 2009

Recycle Craft : Halloween basket

Here is my first finished yoghurt container slash Halloween
basket. It started out as this :

Then with a cardstock shell it looked like this :

And with the embellishements it looked like the picture in
the beginning of this post. A really nice recycle craft in my
opinion. And since i eat a lot of yoghurt i have lots more
baskets to make !

vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

In This House : Old Town Square 45

True Happiness lives in Old Town Square 45.
The Buttercups feel they are the luckiest couple
in the world. Mr.Buttercup was sent out on a
secret mission, you see. The newlyweds thought their
life together was over because it was a Dangerous
Assignment, Mr. Buttercups' boss had told them so.
Mrs.Buttercup waited and waited and her patience
was rewarded ! Mr.Buttercup returned and it felt
they were falling in love all over again. "Sweetheart,"
Mr.Buttercup said to Mrs.Buttercup, "its feels like your
love is giving me wings. I am so happy with you, i seem
to flutter through life". Ans so they did, fluttering through
life, happily ever after.

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donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Halloween Pennant Challenge

My challenge on http://artonthedarkside.blogspot.com/

"Goodmorning everyone ! Thank you all who have
participated in last week's challenge, it was fun to
see what you have come up with again :)

And as is the case each week : a new thursday means
a new challenge. And it is quite a special one for me,
because it is my first one to host ! So i hope my challenge
for you tickles your imagination :) I atleast had fun with it,
so i am keeping my fingers crossed.

This week's challenge is : make a Halloween Pennant.
Halloween is still weeks away, but still it might be smart to
start making decorations because often it goes the same
way as with Christmas : you have lots of plans for cards and
decorations, but you end up not having enough time. If
Halloween is not your thing, you can choose to make a
"dark pennant" or a "scary pennant".

You can use this picture as a base for your pennant,
it is a really big picture, but you can ofcourse change
the size to whatever you like.

This is what i came up with with myself, now you go do your
thing and enjoy yourself !"

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woensdag 12 augustus 2009

In This House : Market Street 2

Be welcome in one of Coneberry Village's hotels,
the Coneberry Royale. The hotel is run by the
Gaultier brothers, Jean and Paul. Jean is taking
care of the daily affairs and Paul is maintaining
the state of the hotel. Whereas Jean is very
outgoing and making sure every guest in the Royale
is feeling as welcome as possible, Paul is the silent
type. He takes honour in whatever it is he does,
even if it means repairing a leaking flushing cistern,
and believes in the expression : silence is golden.
To outsiders he might come across as against the
grain, but his family and friends know that he is
a deep feeling, loving man with a heart of gold.
The Gaultier brothers never married. "We just
have not got the time to look for suitable ladies",
they tell those who ask them about this subject.
"And we are not lonely at all, we have each other !",
they usually add.

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dinsdag 11 augustus 2009

Card : Paris Ballet

My favorite backgrounds are bookpages,
they are very versatile, just think about
the typography alone. They are perfect
for altering and ageing.

Check this out : createdbyhandchallenge.wordpress.com/

maandag 10 augustus 2009

zondag 9 augustus 2009

WIP : Halloween

When the weather looks like this, there is really only
one thing left to do : Halloween Preparations !

So here are some projects in progress : a recycled
yoghurt-container will become a Halloween basket.

Recycled pizza-box cardboard will become a pennant
or a part of a string of bunting.

An old, secondhand houseshaped shadowbox will
become a Halloween-calendar-house.

zaterdag 8 augustus 2009

In This House : Chapel Road 31

Chapel Road 31 is the home of the Froste family. The family
lives in an enormous house, which used to be a part of
Coneberry's abbey. It is just as well that the house is as big
as it is, since there are so many members of the Froste family
living there. There are Alain and Marie, and their four
children. Then there is Alain's brother Bruno and his fiancee
Julie. Also living with them is old Mister Froste's cousin twice
removed, Yves, who used to live in Canada before moving
back to Coneberry Village. And last but not least, there is
Gwendoline, Alain's and Bruno's niece. It is Gwendoline that
stands out most of all the Frost family members. She does
not stand out because she is talking a lot, on the contrary.
Gwendoline has not spoken a word in her life. She may not
speak, but she creates the most beautiful paintings you have
ever seen. The other Frostes usually say that Gwendoline
speaks through her brushes.

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vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

Bubble : Chinese Friends

Check this out : http://thethreemuseschallenge.blogspot.com/
And check this out : http://tandastamps.blogspot.com/

Card : Birthday Card

I made this Birthday Card for my father, i tried
to make a really manly card, and i think i succeeded.

In This House : Ocean View 2

Coneberry's lighthouse is located in Ocean View 2. In The
Old Lighthouse lives Juniper Shea, together with her two
cats, Eleanor and Rigby. Juniper is the daughter of The Old
Lighthouse's keeper Mister Shea, who died two years ago.
He had not been old when he died, but the Shea-family men
have a habit of dying young. Now his daughter Juniper is taking
care of the lighhouse duties and she loves it ! Ever since she had
been a little girl she had been learning from and helping out her
father, so it was only natural for her to become the new
lighthouse keeper. The Coneberry Villagers sometimes tell
jokes about Juniper, that she is keeping the lighthouse to be
able to use The Old Lighthouse's search light to look for a
handsome seaman that could be her Prince Charming.

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ATC : Purple Halloween

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woensdag 5 augustus 2009

Altered Book : Paris

For me the archetype of a big city (or ultimate big city)
is Paris, i really love it there. Especially the small streets
with the interesting boutiques draw me in.

Check this out : http://melangeonetsy.blogspot.com/

dinsdag 4 augustus 2009

maandag 3 augustus 2009

Gothic Arch : Sylvanian Families

My contribution to Gothic Arches this week.

zondag 2 augustus 2009

In This House : Box

This box i made to store twelve more Coneberry
Village houses. What would you see when you would
take a peek through the keyhole of those houses ?

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Check this out : http://sumatiketopela.blogspot.com/

zaterdag 1 augustus 2009

Recycle Craft : Moving Cards

A while ago we moved house and i made these cards
to give notice about our new address. I used cardboard
from packaging material to use as a base for the cards.

When i made the houses, i reused the cardboard
packaging material we all have in our houses. In stead
of throwing it all in the recycle bin, i recycle it in my own
way. A second upside to this is that i do not need to buy
any cardboard at the hobbystore, so i am saving money
at the same time as i am saving the environment, and
that is always a good idea.

Check this out : http://lotstodocallenges.blogspot.com/