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vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

In This House : Old Town Square 45

True Happiness lives in Old Town Square 45.
The Buttercups feel they are the luckiest couple
in the world. Mr.Buttercup was sent out on a
secret mission, you see. The newlyweds thought their
life together was over because it was a Dangerous
Assignment, Mr. Buttercups' boss had told them so.
Mrs.Buttercup waited and waited and her patience
was rewarded ! Mr.Buttercup returned and it felt
they were falling in love all over again. "Sweetheart,"
Mr.Buttercup said to Mrs.Buttercup, "its feels like your
love is giving me wings. I am so happy with you, i seem
to flutter through life". Ans so they did, fluttering through
life, happily ever after.

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4 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Très sympa ta maison !

Scrappelise zei

It`s so nice to follow your blog and again you have created a lovely house with a unique story!

vintage wil zei

What a beautiful hous!!!

~*~Patty S zei

such a lovely house and story!