Goal for 2014 : Craft a hole in my stash !

zaterdag 30 april 2011

Happy Queensday !

vrijdag 29 april 2011

My Crafty Family : a nativity stable by my father

I am not even sure it is called a nativity stable but i am sure
you understand what i mean, the stable for the baby Jesus
at Christmas.

My father built it out of small branches that he cut off
of one of the trees in my parent's garden, how clever !
Now it only needs some finishing touches like moss on
the roof and such. I think it has become a really sweet
stable and i am looking forward to using it the upcoming

donderdag 28 april 2011

Product review : Metric Scoring Board (Scor-Pal)

very handy
deep scorelines
must-have for papercrafters
makes scoring easy

overall score : 9/10

woensdag 27 april 2011

Product review : Craft Trolley (Panduro)

very handy
stores and transports many supplies
must-have for crafters

overall score : 9/10

dinsdag 26 april 2011

My Crafty Family : a painting by my mother

My mother painted this gorgeous norwegian view, she is
a really accomplished painter and has tried out all kinds
of techniques and mediums. This particular painting she
made with oil-paints. The funny thing is, that last
tuesday, when we were driving to the village of
Byrkjedal, we saw a view in real life that was so similar
to this painting, that it was uncanny. All three of us
thought of that at the same time when the sight came
into view.

And as icing on the cake my father made this frame
to really finish it off. The relief of the frame and the
paint colour complement the painting. How is
that for a crafty family !

maandag 25 april 2011

Happy Easter !

Designed for Kreative Hender

zondag 24 april 2011

Four Day Marches : a training

My parents are visiting and we went training for the
Four Day Marches on wednesday. We rose early and
enjoyed lovely walking weather. The scenery here is
quite lovely and although the training lead through
one of the busiest parts of Norway, there are still
beautiful views to enjoy.

zaterdag 23 april 2011

All hands on deck !

My parents are visiting this week and the weather is
very beautiful, so my father and boyfriend are busy
building a deck in the garden.

It is quite a large deck, 85 square metres, and the two
of them are doing a real good job.

Not only did a deck need erecting, but also a wall in
between the road and the deck, because it is always
windy here.

I learned from a reliable source that, when finished, the deck
will have been fastened with around 2.500 screws.

My boyfriend is very happy with the helping hands of my
father because he would have taken so much more time
to finish this job on his own and he can learn a lot from him
because he has never made a deck before.

UPDATE : the wall is done !

vrijdag 22 april 2011

Happy Earth Day !

donderdag 21 april 2011

ATC's : vintage

Ok, here are some vintage ATC's for your enjoyment,
well i hope at least :D

This shrine is without doors
unlike the ones i showed before.

Check this out for some fun :

woensdag 20 april 2011

Pinecone dressup

Let me introduce you to Luna and Rosey. They just
love to play dressup and that is exactly what they have
done, they dressed up as Easter Bunnies, how sweet !

Check this out for some fun :

dinsdag 19 april 2011

Product review : Paper Trimmer (Martha Stewart)

cuts straight
ruler with magnifying glass
very good width ruler
metric AND imperial
must-have for papercrafters

overall score : 9/10

maandag 18 april 2011

Masculin grey fabric heart

I added a strip of paper in order to be able to write a
small message to accompany the heart.

zondag 17 april 2011

Another Giftwrap Scroll

Another giftwrap scroll, ideal for giving money, a gift card
or just a note to express your affection. I feel this is a great
gift wrap, made from handmade paper. It is extra special
because you make the gift wrap yourself, not many people
would not appreciate that !

This scroll has a bow attached to a piece of elastic band,
to make it really easy to remove and replace the bow to
the scroll.

zaterdag 16 april 2011

Card : Accordeon Card

A new kind of card : an accordeon fold card.

And the best part of it is : it mails flat !

Cutting and folding instructions for your own personal use :

vrijdag 15 april 2011

Mah-Jong Tournament

About two years ago, my parents started a Mah-Jong club
and a few weeks ago, they organised the first club

My dad is is on the right and my cousin Joost
is wearing a yellow shirt.

An overview and the prizes !

My sister and father talking tactics and my mother
is taking care of the player's food and drink needs.

My mother and sister put another kettle on.

More tactics and the players enjoying a drink after
playing all day.