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zaterdag 23 april 2011

All hands on deck !

My parents are visiting this week and the weather is
very beautiful, so my father and boyfriend are busy
building a deck in the garden.

It is quite a large deck, 85 square metres, and the two
of them are doing a real good job.

Not only did a deck need erecting, but also a wall in
between the road and the deck, because it is always
windy here.

I learned from a reliable source that, when finished, the deck
will have been fastened with around 2.500 screws.

My boyfriend is very happy with the helping hands of my
father because he would have taken so much more time
to finish this job on his own and he can learn a lot from him
because he has never made a deck before.

UPDATE : the wall is done !

2 opmerkingen:

Gez Butterworth zei

How WONDERFUL & exciting! Best wishes..xx

Rosemary zei

Great news, can't wait to see the finished deck! It's quite an undertaking.