Goal for 2014 : Craft a hole in my stash !

dinsdag 30 november 2010

Gift tags with pinecones

I do not know about you, but i am very partial to
pinecones. Especially in the colder half of the year.

maandag 29 november 2010

Her kids are crafty too !

My crafty friend Jenifer has got three beautiful
children and guess what ? They are crafty too !
They made me these cute christmas decorations
made out of perler beads.

zondag 28 november 2010

Repurposed : Cat Toys

My parents have a new kitten and what is a kitten without
a huge selection of toys ?

These balls are especially fun since they are repurposed
deodorant spheres that otherwise would be thrown out.

zaterdag 27 november 2010

Pack that gift

Here is a fun and easy way to pack beads to give
as a present :

All you need is cellofane bags, some cardstock and a stapler.

vrijdag 26 november 2010

Weird Cloud

Spotted some more lenticular clouds today :

Lenticular clouds are stationary lens-shaped clouds
that form at high altitudes, normally aligned
perpendicular to the wind direction.
Due to their shape, they are often mistaken as UFOs.

Where stable moist air flows over a mountain or a range
of mountains, a series of large-scale standing waves may
form on the downwind side. If the temperature at the
crest of the wave drops to the dew point, moisture in the
air may condense to form lenticular clouds. As the moist
air moves back down into the trough of the wave, the
cloud may evaporate back into vapor. Under certain
conditions, long strings of lenticular clouds can form near
the crest of each successive wave, creating a formation
known as a 'wave cloud'. The wave systems cause large
vertical air movements and so enough water vapor may
condense to produce precipitation. Bright colors
are sometimes seen along the edge of lenticular clouds.

donderdag 25 november 2010


Here are some of the examples i made for the Juleverksted
(Christmas Worshop) that i organised at my work :

I used a lot of cheap and free materials to make sure that
everybody had the possibillity to remake these tags at
home also.

zaterdag 20 november 2010

Tags : The tags i made

As promised, here are the tags i made when Jenifer visited.

vrijdag 19 november 2010

More Homemade Washi Tape

Made from napkins.

donderdag 18 november 2010

A visit from a crafty friend

Last weekend my crafty friend Jenifer visited
and we had lots of fun. Lots of good food and snacks,
shopping, films and of course we did some crafting :

We made gift tags and here in the picture are the
ones that Jenifer made. I am already looking forward
to the next time she will be visiting.

woensdag 17 november 2010

A new bird

This time i spotted the Bullfinch (Goudvink / Dompap)
for the first time. After the first sighting i actually have
seen several other bullfinches. I wonder if they might
be sticking together as a flock. They seem to be forageing
in the same place all the time.

If you want to read more about the Bullfinch just
click here.

dinsdag 16 november 2010

Halloween Hanger

Designed for Kreative Hender

maandag 15 november 2010

Recycle Craft : Adventcalendar

Designed for Kreative Hender

zondag 14 november 2010

Christmas Gift Label

Designed for Kreative Hender

zaterdag 13 november 2010

Pipecleaner Santa

Designed for Kreative Hender

vrijdag 12 november 2010

Adventcalendar : More cones

Designed for Kreative Hender

donderdag 11 november 2010

Recycle Craft : Adventcalendar

Designed for Kreative Hender

woensdag 10 november 2010

Card : Easy Christmas Concertina

Designed for Kreative Hender

dinsdag 9 november 2010

Gift Label, with T!m paper

Designed for Kreative Hender

maandag 8 november 2010

Recycle Craft : Christmas Gift Bag

A gift bag made from an empty sauce packet :

Designed for Kreative Hender

zondag 7 november 2010

ATC's : Halloween

Designed for Kreative Hender

zaterdag 6 november 2010

vrijdag 5 november 2010

Recycle Craft : fridge magnet

Supplies :

- scrapbookingpaper or some other paper
- red ribbon
- glass deco-pearls
- glue
- a lid
- a milk carton closure
- a magnet

Check this out : wildorchidchallenge.blogspot.com

Designed for Kreative Hender

donderdag 4 november 2010

Adventcalendar : Black Currant Cones

Supplies :

- ribbon in two widths
- scrapbooking paper
- glitter glue
- glue
- number stamps

I used this paperstack :

Check this out : anythingchallenge.blogspot.com
And this : everybody-art-challenge.blogspot.com
And also : bubblyfunk.typepad.com/vanilla_sugar

Designed for Kreative Hender

woensdag 3 november 2010

Card : Halloween-stepper

Supplies :

- cardstock in two colours
- scrapbooking paper with Jack o' Lanterns

Check this out : haunteddesignhouse.blogspot.com --> HDH063
And this : stampwithsarahkay.blogspot.com

Designed for Kreative Hender

dinsdag 2 november 2010

Card : Halloween 2010

This year's Halloween-cards.

Supplies :

- cardstock
- scrapbooking paper
- ribbon
- glitterglue
- glue
- alphabet stamps
- Halloween stamp
- black fineliner
- distress ink : Tea Dye

Check this out : craftycardmakers.blogspot.com

Designed for Kreative Hender