Goal for 2014 : Craft a hole in my stash !

zondag 31 juli 2011

Cinnamon Light

I made this sweet light from cinnamon-sticks and it is one of
the easiest crafts i have ever done. It looks nice, and when
you burn a candle it begins to smell very autumn-like in your
livingroom. After a while the scent will wear off ofcourse, but
when that happens you can just make another one. I am
guessing it will also make a nice gift, happy crafting !

zaterdag 30 juli 2011

Another wrap-card

Designed for Kreative Hender

vrijdag 29 juli 2011

ATC : wild things, T!m style

Series IV :

Designed for Kreative Hender

donderdag 28 juli 2011

ATC : wild things, T!m style

Series III :

Designed for Kreative Hender :

woensdag 27 juli 2011

ATC : wild things, T!m style

Series II :

Designed for Kreative Hender

dinsdag 26 juli 2011

ATC : wild things, T!m style

Series I :

Designed for Kreative Hender

maandag 25 juli 2011

Yet another wrap-card

Designed for Kreative Hender

zondag 24 juli 2011

ATC : memory in washi

Designed for Kreative Hender

zaterdag 23 juli 2011

Card : another vase-shaped card

Another vase-shaped card

Designed for Kreative Hender

vrijdag 22 juli 2011

Four Day Marches : day of Cuijk 2011

With a length of more than 42 kilometres, the last march
is the longest of the four. Another thing that is quite special
is that we cross the river Meuse on a pontoon bridge which
is only there for a few hours on the last day of the marches.
If you do not pass over the bridge before a set time, you
will not be able to make the walk to Nijmegen in time.

We started in cold weather and the cold was soon joined
by rain. After our first break we were able to take off
our raingear and have not needed it any further. The
rest of the day was nice and warm and for the most sunny.

The flag of Cuijk.

donderdag 21 juli 2011

Four Day Marches : day of Groesbeek 2011

Today i want to start by thanking everyone that is
commenting on the Four Day Marches posts, those
comments are very very much appreciated, not only
by me, but by my family too :D

Today was the third of the four marches, a real
beauty of a walk and loved above the other marches
by most of the participants. We had lovely weather
until about half an hour before we came over the
finish line. It started to rain and when we finally
crossed the finish line we were treated to a cloud

Besides some (quite large) blisters we are doing
fine and are preparing for the last of the marches.

woensdag 20 juli 2011

Four Day Marches : day of Wijchen 2011

The second day of the marches is traditionally known as
the Day of Wijchen because the marches pass through the
town twice that day. It is a beautiful walk that passes also
through many other towns and villages and there are
many people standing at the sides of the road almost
everywhere, which is great.
Today was another fine day to walk on, a temperature up
in the twenties which was lovely. It was cloudy but now
and then we had some sun. The humidity was quite high
which resulted in quite heavy rain later on, but that only
fell after we finished, luckily !
We are now preparing for the third day of walking,
tomorrow. I can not believe we are half way already.
Eighty kilometres done, eighty more to go.

The flag of Wijchen.

dinsdag 19 juli 2011

Four Day Marches : day of Elst 2011

The weatherforecasts were quite bad, but today
was a good day to walk. We expected to walk in
the cold and rain but today the temperature was
up in the twenties and although it was quite
humid we were not complaining, of course.

We were treated to a fantastic sunrise when we crossed
the bridge, what a way to start the day !

We all finished the walk without big problems and
are looking forward to tomorrow. Let us hope that
the weather will hold :)

maandag 18 juli 2011

Four Day Marches : bridge celebration

During the Four Days Marches the Waalbrug is playing
a big part. We cross it on several occasions during the
Marches. This year the bridge is 75 years old and has
experienced quite a lot in its lifetime.

The Waalbrug is an arch bridge over the Waal River
in Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands. The full length
of the Waalbrug is 604 metres (1,982 ft), and in the
middle of the arch it is about 65 metres (213 ft) high.
The largest arch is 244.1 metres (801 ft) long and at
the time of construction was the longest arch in Europe.

The bridge was opened on 16 June 1936 by Queen
Wilhelmina of the Netherlands in front of
200.000 people.

At the start of the Second World War the
Dutch combat engineering units blew up the bridge
to stop the German army's advance. During the
occupation the Germans restored the bridge and
from 1943 it was in use for traffic again. In 1944 the
Germans planned to blow up the bridge again but a
Rover Scout and member of the Dutch Resistance,
managed to prevent this. On 20 September 1944,
the bridge was conquered by allied forces.

The bridge was coloured green until 1980, these days it is white.

The Waalbrug can be found in the movie A Bridge Too Far and
the computer game Medal of Honor: Frontline.

zondag 17 juli 2011

Our favourite restaurant / takeaway

Whenever we are staying in my parent's vacationhouse
we frequent a local restaurant /takeaway called Buitenlust.

The first "version" of Buitenlust was opened as early as 1904.

And as we are staying in the vacationhouse right now for
the Four Days Marches we will be eating there at least once :)

Buitenlust as it is looking nowadays.

zaterdag 16 juli 2011

Four Day Marches : preparing for next week

It is almost a year ago we walked the marches (again)
and i still had some leftover photographs that i had not
posted yet. Here they are !

Here are the much spoken about wristbands.

Day one, my sister, mother and myself at the start
at 05:00 hours.

Day one :
(left) my mother during the marches
(right) my mother, my sister and myself at the finish line

Day three, we start walking through immense

Day three:
(right) we eat a well deserved vanilla-cream bun :)

Day three

Day four, the Via Gladiola

Day four, we made it again !