Goal for 2014 : Craft a hole in my stash !

woensdag 30 september 2009

Recycle Craft : Halloween baskets

Here are two Halloween baskets made from an empty
yoghurt container. Other things i used are : pipecleaners,
ribbon, scrapbooking paper, glitterglue, lace, a cardboard
letter and black paper.

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dinsdag 29 september 2009

zondag 27 september 2009

Recycle Craft : Halloween pincushion

Another recycled tin has become a pincushion !
This time a Halloween themed one in orange
black and silver.

To make this you will need : a tiny tin can,
scrapbookingpaper, ribbon, pipecleaners in black
and silver, small faux flowers, pins, silver glitterglue,
felt and filling for the pincushion.

Designed for Kreative Hender

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vrijdag 25 september 2009

donderdag 24 september 2009

Card : Beehive

Check this out : sumatiketopela.blogspot.com/

woensdag 23 september 2009

dinsdag 22 september 2009

Card : Keys

Check this out : http://bigartadventure.blogspot.com/

maandag 21 september 2009

Card : Sew

Twenty year-old Lydia was truely a woman of spirit and
capacity. She was a nurse and had been an employee of the
army for two years when she met Gregory. At 27, Gregory
was the youngest Major ever. He did not agree with the
reasons behind the war they were now fighting in. He had
always believed in humanity but was now extremely
disappointed by what he had witnessed in the recent years.
When Gregory was injured, trying to save the newest member
of his platoon, he was delivered into the care of Lydia.
Lydia hated war. She hated the army too, but she had to take
any work that she could get because the world was now
enveloped in a crisis and the army payed well. Gregory had
to stay in the hospital for quite a while and he and Lydia spent
many an hour enjoying eachother's company and the
conversations about any and every topic that came up in their
heads. By the time Gregory's wounds had healed, the war was
over and both Lydia and Gregory travelled home, to their
families. But not before they exchanged adresses and
immediately the letters began to travel between them. After
a year of writing Gregory asked Lydia to become his wife, and
she happily said "Yes". Alas, i can not tell you that they lived
happily ever after because just days after they celebrated their
wedding, Lydia and Gregory died in an accident whilst travelling
on the night train. As they were asleep when the accident
happened they did not feel pain or fear, and atleast they are
now together in death, for all eternity.

Check this out : http://opus-gluei.blogspot.com/

zondag 20 september 2009

ATC's : Halloween

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday of the year.
I love the colours that are connected to Halloween and
the kind of parties that you can attend. And autumn is
my favorite time of the year :) In the past we have
celebrated Halloween in England and another year we
have celebrated Halloween with a Halloween-diner, that
was so much fun !

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vrijdag 18 september 2009

donderdag 17 september 2009

Card : Autumn

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woensdag 16 september 2009

ATC : Queen

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dinsdag 15 september 2009

ATC : House

This house has lots of bits and pieces tucked inside it.

Check this out : http://tmta.wordpress.com/

maandag 14 september 2009

Recycle Craft : pincushion

I used this small tin can to make a pincushion.
Other materials are : scrapbooking paper, some
ribbon, some flowers, some pins, a piece of felt
and cushion filling. I think the result is quite
nice and sweetlooking.

Designed for Kreative Hender

Check this out : http://mixedmediamonday.wordpress.com/

zaterdag 12 september 2009

Look what more we found

We found one more wasp's nest, how ingenious are these
creatures that they can build something so fragile without

donderdag 10 september 2009

Christmas Kits : I

The first Christmas stash is here ! I bought these two
adorable sets by panduro and they are so sweet. It is
to early in the year to make them (i will not be doing
them before Halloween) but i am already looking forward
to making them.

woensdag 9 september 2009

In This House : Book

Another book to In This House houses in. It got a template
of the houses attached to the front to use when i want to
make more houses when i am on the go.

dinsdag 8 september 2009

Card : Baby Girl

I made this card for a colleague who recently got
a baby girl. So i had a good excuse to work with
pink, one of my favourite colours.

maandag 7 september 2009

Recycle Craft : postcard holder

I recycled a fabric softener bottle into this cool looking
postcard holder. Of course you can put other things in it
too, but i wanted to make something for the mail i
recieved that i want to save. If you use bigger bottles
you can make bigger holders, in size up to A4. A nice
detail is that the plastic smells really good :)

zondag 6 september 2009

Halloween Decoration

I made these Halloween themed buttonflowers. They
are fun to make and look really nice, especially when
you make a nice bunch with different sized flowers.

vrijdag 4 september 2009

Look what we found

We found these two wasp-nests in between the walls
of our house. Needless to say they were deserted.

Just look at the craftmanship these small insects have,
simply awesome.

They are fragile like rice paper and weigh next to nothing.

donderdag 3 september 2009

Royal Visitors in Aalgaard !

Crownprince Haakon and Princess Mette-Marit visited our
village yesterday ! They brought horrible weather
with them, alas.

woensdag 2 september 2009

Pipecleaner Santa

I made this pipecleaner santa after seeing some like
this one on the internet. The ones i saw were vintage
and i liked them so much i wanted to try making them
myself. There will be more following because it is really
fun to make them.

dinsdag 1 september 2009

WIP : Pandora-envelopes

I have been working on these envelopes you can use to
give money or a giftcard. I call them Pandora-envelopes
because they look like flat boxes.

Two sheets of scrapbookingpaper gives you four envelopes.

The ones i showed you here have to be finished. They
already have the glittered edges, but they need a bit
more flair so to say.