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donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Halloween Pennant Challenge

My challenge on http://artonthedarkside.blogspot.com/

"Goodmorning everyone ! Thank you all who have
participated in last week's challenge, it was fun to
see what you have come up with again :)

And as is the case each week : a new thursday means
a new challenge. And it is quite a special one for me,
because it is my first one to host ! So i hope my challenge
for you tickles your imagination :) I atleast had fun with it,
so i am keeping my fingers crossed.

This week's challenge is : make a Halloween Pennant.
Halloween is still weeks away, but still it might be smart to
start making decorations because often it goes the same
way as with Christmas : you have lots of plans for cards and
decorations, but you end up not having enough time. If
Halloween is not your thing, you can choose to make a
"dark pennant" or a "scary pennant".

You can use this picture as a base for your pennant,
it is a really big picture, but you can ofcourse change
the size to whatever you like.

This is what i came up with with myself, now you go do your
thing and enjoy yourself !"

Check this out : http://saturdaychallenge.blogspot.com/

2 opmerkingen:

Sandy zei

It's lovely! Thank you for participating in Saturday Surprise!

Rosemary zei

I love the idea of a Halloween pennant. Also, you are exactly right about having big plans and then whoosh the time flies and you never get the projects completed.

You have been a busy lady, I'm just checking out all of your projects!