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woensdag 5 augustus 2009

Altered Book : Paris

For me the archetype of a big city (or ultimate big city)
is Paris, i really love it there. Especially the small streets
with the interesting boutiques draw me in.

Check this out : http://melangeonetsy.blogspot.com/

4 opmerkingen:


Great piece...thanks for joining in on the challenge...congrats on being the featured artist again :)

Kathy zei

This is a great piece...I am still struggling with what I should make.

June zei

You know, i am becoming more and more of a big fan of your artwork. I love this and also your coneberry house box, and the bingo card ... well everything :) Great art and originality my friend !

Thanks for your kind offer of themes etc for my darkside blog. I would like to take you up on that offer if that is ok and also would like to make a team as i already have Vron who helped me when i couldnt be here but she is busy now. Would you like to help and be on the darkside team ? Please just let me know.

Hugs and thanks
June xxx

Chrisy zei

Paris certainly is the 'ideal' city for most of us...this is a beautiful piece...I just want to touch it...so tactile...