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zaterdag 8 augustus 2009

In This House : Chapel Road 31

Chapel Road 31 is the home of the Froste family. The family
lives in an enormous house, which used to be a part of
Coneberry's abbey. It is just as well that the house is as big
as it is, since there are so many members of the Froste family
living there. There are Alain and Marie, and their four
children. Then there is Alain's brother Bruno and his fiancee
Julie. Also living with them is old Mister Froste's cousin twice
removed, Yves, who used to live in Canada before moving
back to Coneberry Village. And last but not least, there is
Gwendoline, Alain's and Bruno's niece. It is Gwendoline that
stands out most of all the Frost family members. She does
not stand out because she is talking a lot, on the contrary.
Gwendoline has not spoken a word in her life. She may not
speak, but she creates the most beautiful paintings you have
ever seen. The other Frostes usually say that Gwendoline
speaks through her brushes.

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6 opmerkingen:

Anne, Bulles dorées zei

wow quelle rapidité !! (you are so fast !! ) your house is fantastic !! thank you for your participation !

~*~Patty S zei

Your house is SO beautiful, magical and touching!!!

caramelle zei

Your house is very beautiful.

vintage wil zei

Oh your house is so beautiful !!!

Rosemary zei

I love your homes, I love this series! I go back and am catching up on everyone's home.

You are so talented!

ISA zei

Original house, nice :-)