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maandag 22 juni 2009

In This House : Forest End 17

In one of the houses in Forest End, number 17, there
used to live a family of five. Now it stands empty as the
family that lived there moved away from Coneberry
Village. The family had a nanny that went for a walk
with the youngest member of the family, Sarah. They
went out into the woods for a walk when it was snowing
heavily. Alas, a snowstorm hit the woods where they
were walking, and they were never seen again.

Check this out : http://mixedmediamonday.wordpress.com/

8 opmerkingen:

Sandy zei

Wow das ist ein Traum.
Wunderschönes Haus.

Anoniem zei

Lovely piece of art - but what a sad story! Diane

Anoniem zei

Weer zo'n prachtig huisje

Moni zei

Klasse Karte!!

indybev zei

Oh, what a sad story! Beautiful art.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz zei

oh my! that's quite a story and your art piece to go with it is wonderful!

Nan zei

Pretty card!Hopefuuly they find their way home!

Janny zei