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donderdag 18 juni 2009

Folding card : Dragonfly

One of the most fun cards to make, i think,
is this type of folding card. It is not too difficult
to make, but it has some great possibilities.
You have to cut the card very precisely so that
it folds beautifully without open spaces. The card
here has been made with stamps in a collage-vintage
style, but ofcourse all styles and colours can be used.

Check this out : http://bigartadventure.blogspot.com/

10 opmerkingen:

Rosie zei

That's absolutely gorgeous - I've never seen a card quite like that before, and the stamps you've used are fabulous! Great work - and fast too - thanks for taking part in our challenge!
Rosie ABAA

Linda zei

That is so imaginative.....I am very intrigued and inspired by your work.
A beautiful piece - thank you for joining in.
Linda x
PS I love the stamp you used - where did you get it from?

vintage wil zei

Oh dit is heel erg leuk!!!

Jeanette zei

Very nice... I cant wait to figure out something to do with my dragonfly. Thanks for sharing'

Jan zei

Very unusual and so vintage - love it!

Gini zei

What a lovely card you've made. I love the way it folds together. I will definitely try a card using this folding method. You worked so quickly wow!
Happy crafting

Lynn zei

Super fun card and very creative, I just love it :)

Anoniem zei

This is really nice and very unusual. I love the vintage feel.

Jaqi zei

Very nice and a lovely shape, very different, must try making one of these, thanks for sharing, Jaqi

~*~Patty Szymkowicz zei

Your card is beautiful and so interesting with the details you have added! I have that dragonfly stamp and like it so much too!