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zondag 21 juni 2009

Look what i got

Rini from http://catharinas-love.blogspot.com/ has been
spending her vacation in Norway and Denmark this year.
And since they were in the vicinity they paid us a visit,
it was good fun : dutchies having coffee together far away
from home. Sometimes the world is quite small. Rini
came bearing gifts : she made me a Friendship Pillow,
something which i have thought about doing too, and now
i will just have to start.

I also recieved a jar with buttons and odds and ends
and two lovely bundles of fibres. I really am a lucky
girl. Thank you very much Rini, i am going to make
good use of everything and i hope to have you and your
Maarten here for coffee many more times.

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Catharina Maria zei

Ga haast naast mijn schoenen lopen , wat een leuke blog !
Groetjes Rini