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zaterdag 20 juni 2009

In This House : Ocean View 20

The Shelley-family have lived in the wooden house on
Ocean View since time out of mind. They are a family
with many relatives who come to stay in the cosy house
as often as they can. They all have one thing in common :
they love a good treasure hunt. Be it for easter eggs or
something else, they are there to have fun. The
youngest in the family, Florian, is no different. He loves
to look for seashells, pinecones and pretty stones. And
anything else that he finds interesting. On the beach he
builds sandcastles and looks for new treasures,
but what will he find ?

Check this out : http://saturdaychallenge.blogspot.com/

2 opmerkingen:

Sandy zei

What a beautiful and fascinating interpretation! Thank you so much for participating!

Virginia zei