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vrijdag 19 juni 2009

In This House : Baker Street 1

It is raining in Coneberry Village. In fact it has been raining the
whole of the past week and the people are inside their houses
and shops, thinking about sunnier days. The members of the
Biological Society, which is based in Baker Street no.1, are no
exception. They look outside, wanting it to stop raining because
they want to look for plants with special properties. Last sunday
they found a plant which makes you invisible if eaten. They still
have to find an antidote tho, because they have not seen
Mr.Caine since ...

Check this out : http://lotstodocallenges.blogspot.com/

2 opmerkingen:

sam21ski zei

WOW what a lovely house - fab selection of elements

Thanks for playing with Lotstodo this week - Sam xxxx

Ang C zei

A great house!!!!