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zaterdag 11 juli 2009

In This House : Old Town Square 7

The Belle Family is a musical family, they all love to sing
and play musical instruments. Even the two youngest members
of the family, Beryl and Davin, have already been joining in the
musical fun that is going on in the weekends in number seven
Old Town Square. The whole family gathers in the cosy kitchen
for tea and after that, the family goes into the parlor, where all
the musical instruments they own, are kept. They play and sing
and dance untill they are too tired to stay up any longer. On
saturdays they invite family and friends to join them and
a merry gathering can be seen through the parlor windows.
On sundays the family goes to church, where Father plays the
organ and the eldest Daughter, Amy, plays the violin during
the sermons. Many of the other family members sing in the
choir and they sing like angels.

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4 opmerkingen:

Aino zei

How fashinating, once again. You have a talent.

Rika zei

This is so lovely!

Rhonda zei

I love your vignettes, they are terrific, so much to be said in your piece. Cheers!

Heather Robinson zei

You have me hooked. I want to know more about this family! You link story and art so beautifully. Thank you so much for sharing this piece for the Saturday Surprise challenge this week.