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donderdag 23 juli 2009

Nijmegen Four Days Marches : Day Three

Today was the third day of the marches and there was a
LOT of rain. Thursday's walk is called the Queen's-stage,
meaning that it is the hardest of the four walks. Todays
walk leads the participants through the hills to the east
of Nijmegen.

As you can see on the picture we had a really hard day
with four hours of rain and dropping temperatures. And
because we walk in shorts or skirts that is very hard on
the muscles. We walked in the rain for about four hours
which meant that we were really sogging in our shoes,
since they filled up with water. We all made it today too,
and so did Linda (http://dametje20.hyves.nl/).

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Gez Butterworth zei

Awe bless I am so sorry to hear you had rain today. :( I have been thinking about you today & wishing you luck.

Good Luck for the last day.Gez.xx