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donderdag 9 juli 2009

In This House : Abbey Garden 20

Every village has at least one Haunted House, and
Coneberry Village is no exception. A good example
of this is the house on Abbey Garden. There have
been accounts of people seeing ghosts in the house
and its garden for as long as everyone can remember.
There is a man in Coneberry Village who has a special
interest when it comes to the house and its inhabitants.
His name is Mister Saint-Martin and he can see and
communicate with ghosts. Whenever there is something
spooky going on in Coneberry Village, Mister Saint-Martin
is there to check it out. He has been known to help out
people that had spirits lingering in their homes by
convincing the ghosts to move on, but he seems to be
unable to get the inhabitants of Abbey Garden 20 to
leave. Or maybe he has not really tried ?

Want to read everything about Coneberry Village ?
Read the Coneberry Chronicle here !

Check this out : http://artonthedarkside.blogspot.com/

3 opmerkingen:

WildGoose zei

Great collage- like reading your write-up to match it-also the use of text and how the top left triangle space is left open-adds visual interest! That open space kind of makes it like the house itself-open to speculation!

June zei

Ohhhh thanks my friend. This is a superb entry for the darkside challenge. I love the story and the whole collage its interesting and clever
I think mr saint-martin is a good looking guy too :)
Hugs June x

Anne (cornucopia) zei

Great haunted house! I like how you cut the top at angles. And putting the text in various places was a good idea too. The write up was enjoyable as well. I chuckled when you said maybe he's not trying very hard to get rid of the ghosts there.