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zaterdag 4 juli 2009

In This House : Ocean View 1

Ocean View 1 is a house with many inhabitants. Here live
the Renard family of eight, Mother, Father and their six
daughters. They have their origins in France where
the forefathers of Mister Renard used to own an enormous
castle by the seaside. With the castle went a piece of beach
you can only dream about : soft sand, lots of shells to collect
and driftwood in all shapes and sizes. It is no wonder that
the Renards have this "thing" for the sea and the beach.
You can see the whole family on their bikes every
opportunity they have to spend time together in the warm
sand of Coneberry Village's beach. They always have big
hampers with all kinds of food and drink. Especially Olivia
has the time of her life at the beach.

Want to read everything about Coneberry Village ?
Read the Coneberry Chronicle here !

Check this out : http://dansmamaisonilya.blogspot.com/

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Anoniem zei


Unknown zei

Love your house shapes! Do you have a template that you use? What are the dimensions? Are these ATC size or larger? Very nice!

~*~Patty S zei

Your house and story are absolutely delightful!!!

Esther zei

very nice!! love the grunge background!!

Unknown zei

Très jolie maison, merci beaucoup de ta participation.