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zondag 19 juli 2009

Even more recycle craft

I am very much into crafts that recycle stuff, give
is a second life so to say. BUT i do not want to reuse
stuff that will not give me a hundred percent great
result, i do consider quality a very important aspect.
I am quite content with the result of recycled enevelopes
though. They are recycled pages from magazines and i
think they look cool. If i would get a postcard or letter
in an envelope like this, i would keep them both.

As our world is overflowing with our waste,
it becomes more and more important to recylce
and that is just what i have been doing, making
more envelopes. When i choose pages for these
envelopes, i tend to go for the ones with little or
no lettering on it, but that is very personal of course.

Want to read more about my recycle craft ? Click here.

Check this out : http://2redbananas.blogspot.com/

6 opmerkingen:

June zei

I am off to click. I recycle too :) and thanks so much for supporting darkside my friend
hugs June xxx

Catharina Maria zei

Heb ik samen met mijn zus ook gedaan en als we alleen witte hadden versierden wij hem met plaatjes uit tijdschriften ,het moest wel overeen komen met iets wat er in de brief geschreven was .
Nu ik veel met internet bezig ben gaat het echte schrijven een beetje over .
Groetjes rini

Dawn B. zei

What an awesome idea. I love this. I would have never thought to do this. Great job. SO glad you joined Banana Split Sunday..

Wendy zei

That's a really great idea, and the envelopes look so cool. Thanks for joining us at 2RedBananas.

Jeanette - zei

What a great idea - and they look very cool! Thanks for joining us in the 2RedBananas challenge!

Teresa zei

What a good idea for a fast card. Thanks for joining the bananas.