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maandag 6 juli 2009

In This House : Baker Street 2

Captain Jack is the owner of Baker Street 2, although he is
seldom there. He used to be there much more often some years
ago, but now it is only his housholding staff that lives there
permanently. He stopped coming home regularly after he
had The Dream, or was it real ? Even now he is not sure
what exactly happened, the only thing he is sure of, is that
he has to look for her, the mermaid that stole his heart and
who lives in the deep blue sea. He could not stay on the
mainland for he needed to look for her, and still does so. He
has seen her, his life's muse, many times after he started
looking for her, but he has never been close enough to her to take
her hand and tell her his heart's desire, to be together forever.

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