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woensdag 1 juli 2009

In This House : The Sandy Lane 18

Years ago there was a girl that lived in The Sandy Lane
number 18. She used to go outside when it rained and
take a walk whilst listening to the sound of the rain on
her umbrella. One rainy day she went out for a stroll
but never returned to her parents' house. Whatever
happened to her ? Did she get lost in the woods, or lured
away by pixies ? What do you think ?

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8 opmerkingen:

Sandy zei

Na wow noch so ein wunderschönes Haus und auch noch mit meinem Namen. Klasse.

lorhen82 zei

That is a really sweet card! I remember having to wear rubber boots! ~Lori

Amy zei

cute lil' story ...love the house style

Anoniem zei

Weer een prachtig huisje.

Anoniem zei

Beautiful art piece. Neat story. I think she ran off and joined the circus. LOL! I'd rather think that than some other and perhaps not happy thing happened to her.

Unknown zei

Was für ein niedliches Haus !

Shelly Hickox zei

Oh no! I think maybe the fairies came and took her away to live amongst them. I hope.

Another wonderful story and perfect piece of art!

Eila A zei

Very interesting artwork, with a story full of mystery - this stays on my mind and I have to think about it again and again.