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donderdag 9 juli 2009

In This House : Beach Road 2

In Beach Road 2 lies the house of Poppy. Poppy loves
the sea and she loves parties. She works in Coneberry's
cake boutique called "La Tarte". The cakes Poppy makes
are so pretty that they make your mouth water. Every
summer she organises the nicest beach parties you can
imagine. There are fizzy drinks, there are colourful decorations
and the best cakes in the coutry. Everyone in Coneberry Village
is invited to her beach parties and everyone that attends
always has lots of fun. When the autumn comes, Poppy is a
bit sad. But then she thinks of the next summer and she
begins to plan new parties, design new cakes and decorations
and is as happy as she was in the summer again.

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4 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

What a wonderfully fun story to go with your delightful piece. it really brought it to life. I love the Sea background you used and the raft edges look like they are really curled.

So much fun!

Thanks for taking the challenge

Ed zei

I loved reading your summer story and I loved seeing it come to life in your card - how wonderful.

Annes Art zei


Nancy zei

I loved your House card and story about Poppy. Very creative!!