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vrijdag 17 juli 2009

In This House : Market Street 5

There is a store in Market Street that is specialised
in headwear and it is called "The mad Hatter" The owner
of he boutique is Harriet and she makes hats that are both
beautiful, outragous and fun. After attending fashion
school in the big city, she decided to return to the village
where she was born, to build her empire. And she did.
Whenever there is a special occasion, the villagers turn
to her to buy a new hat or bonnet. And the thing is, it
never seems to be the customer that chooses the hat,
but it is the hat that chooses the wearer. When they
put on the hat that is meant for them, something magical
happens. A sudden beam of sun hits the store or a flock
of birds land in front of the store and they start to sing.

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3 opmerkingen:

Faye zei

Your stories are such fun! I love the hat art and writing.

Rainbow Lady zei

This is great and so much lovely information too. Thanks for playing again Love Cynthia x

AliMayes zei

Now that's what I call a hat !!!!
Ali xx