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maandag 6 juli 2009

In This House : Market Street 4

It is summer in Coneberry Village, the sun is shining,
birds are singing and insects are buzzing. The children
of Coneberry Village are playing to their heart's desire
and a general feeling of glee has sunken down on the
village. Some of the inhabitants have gone on holiday,
but most villagers stay in town, even when they are
free. So too is Iris. She spends her days in the local
bookstore that is located on Market Street 4. Sometimes
people ask her why she does not travel outside the
village and then she always answers : "Why travel
far and wide, when you can travel right here, by book ?"
Today she will be travelling to Egypt, reading a book
on pyramids and hieroglyphs, and tomorrow ... ?

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Aino zei

What a wonderful storie and card. Exelent work.