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donderdag 16 juli 2009

In This House : Baker Street 3

Another society in Coneberry Village is "The sky is
not the limit". Gathered there is a group of enthousiasts
who like to do things like building one-man-planes and
rockets, in short : they want a piece of heaven. Their ultimate
goal is to build an unmanned rocket that can travel to the
moon. And they are not just enthousiasts, every single one
has studied something that can be of service to the group.
Robert Janeway for example has studied astronomy and is
usually called "The Rocket Scientist". When studying at
university he was involved in an experiment gone wrong,
and since he is said to have special powers and abilities. When
he is in the room, even though there is no source of light, it
does never go completely dark. And when he is around electrical
equipment, it is said to suddenly come to life, even though
it is not plugged in ...

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Femmy zei


Sandy zei

Wow das ist großartig. Ein tolles Haus und wunderschön gewerkelt. Zauberhaft.

Vielen lieben Dank für Dein Stück vom Himmel zu TGiF.

Unknown zei

Das sieht fantastisch aus !

~*~Patty S zei

wonderful tales you tell with your artwork and your words!!!
fantastic take on the theme!

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