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zaterdag 25 juli 2009

In This House : Old Town Square 6

A lonely woman lives in Old Town Square 6. She has
been hiding there for years because of her past. She used
to be a well known singer, but because of her connections
with the high and mighty she now has to hide herself
from journalists who are trying to discredit both her
and her acquaintances. Her house is one of the, if not
the most colourful in Coneberry Village. She designed
it herself and had it painted in happy, summery colours.
She always says that the colours of the house are like her,
a colourful personality but caught in a golden cage. Noone
in Coneberry Village ever asked her what actually happened
and why she is hiding in the small town. Is she hiding
something ? And if so, what is she hiding ?

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3 opmerkingen:

Sandy zei

Wieder so ein tolles Haus.
Ich bin ein großer Fan Deiner Häuser. Auch dieses sieht wieder fantastisch aus.

Rosemary zei

I love this story and your work just captures this so well. How cool, now I want to read the others and learn more about these!

Rhonda zei

Your storytelling is as entertaining as your art! Fabulous!