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vrijdag 7 augustus 2009

In This House : Ocean View 2

Coneberry's lighthouse is located in Ocean View 2. In The
Old Lighthouse lives Juniper Shea, together with her two
cats, Eleanor and Rigby. Juniper is the daughter of The Old
Lighthouse's keeper Mister Shea, who died two years ago.
He had not been old when he died, but the Shea-family men
have a habit of dying young. Now his daughter Juniper is taking
care of the lighhouse duties and she loves it ! Ever since she had
been a little girl she had been learning from and helping out her
father, so it was only natural for her to become the new
lighthouse keeper. The Coneberry Villagers sometimes tell
jokes about Juniper, that she is keeping the lighthouse to be
able to use The Old Lighthouse's search light to look for a
handsome seaman that could be her Prince Charming.

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Crafting Queen zei

Great house, love the little poem and your take on the theme. Anesha

Gez Butterworth zei

Hi Meikoningin

Gosh you have been sooooo busy since your marches. I love all your houses.xx Thanks for joining us this week on Something Completely Different. Oooh your mushroom is just so cute too! Have a lovely weekend. Gez.xx