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woensdag 12 augustus 2009

In This House : Market Street 2

Be welcome in one of Coneberry Village's hotels,
the Coneberry Royale. The hotel is run by the
Gaultier brothers, Jean and Paul. Jean is taking
care of the daily affairs and Paul is maintaining
the state of the hotel. Whereas Jean is very
outgoing and making sure every guest in the Royale
is feeling as welcome as possible, Paul is the silent
type. He takes honour in whatever it is he does,
even if it means repairing a leaking flushing cistern,
and believes in the expression : silence is golden.
To outsiders he might come across as against the
grain, but his family and friends know that he is
a deep feeling, loving man with a heart of gold.
The Gaultier brothers never married. "We just
have not got the time to look for suitable ladies",
they tell those who ask them about this subject.
"And we are not lonely at all, we have each other !",
they usually add.

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Anita zei

Thanks for your entry!!

Rhonda zei

Incredible! This is so fabulous. Cheers!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Terrific! Great image.

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peggy gatto zei

Wonderful idea and I love the story!!

Amy zei

This is so fantastic in everyway..I Love the city inside the house..makes you wonder about the guy! Great piece..really it is.

Iris zei

Wow, your house is so brilliant, absolut faboulos work.

Thanks for joining in our challenge.


Chrisy zei

Really interesting piece and intriguing story...very clever girl!

linda loe zei

Wat zie ik weer een hoop leuk dingen op je blog staan

Rosemary zei

Love this, love the story (but do the brothers dabble in fashion design or is that another Jean Paul G? - hee hee).

I enjoy your blog very much!

Gez Butterworth zei

Another stunning house. I love the stories.

Its always lovely to stop by your blog.xx

cleo zei

ein geniales Haus,
Danke für Deine Teilnahme bei der EAC
LG Sandra

Anoniem zei

wow this house is fantastic !!!!!!!!!!! great job !!! thanks for joining in our challenge.
big hugs

Anoniem zei

wow that is fantastic work !!!thanks for joining in our challenge.
bih hugs tina46