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donderdag 19 november 2009

My Crafty Family : part VII

My father has made this fantastic Mah-Jong table. It plays
really very nice. No drinks allowed on this one ! He reused
an old felt puzzle cloth to make the top.

Last week my sister came to visit us and she made this
Caroling Choir. How sweet they are. They look even
cuter in real life. They turned out very different from the
example on the package, which was kind of dull. So thumbs
up for "own interpretation".

She also made these Christmas Gnomes. They are just
too cute and cudly to be true. They will be looking lovely
and cheering up their living room this Christmas.

And last but certainly not least : my uncle crocheted these
awesome pot-holders. One in the Dutch colours and one in
the norwegian ones, as i am a dutchie living in Norway.
He made these using the Tunesian Crochet technique,
something he had not done before. They are looking really
great in the kitchen.

4 opmerkingen:

Catharina Maria zei

Wat een creatieve familie !
En wat heerlijk om je zus op visite te krijgen .
Lieve groet Rini

Unknown zei

My goodness you do have a crafty family, how wonderful, I just love your sister's choir, so sweet.

Jan xx

Tracy zei

Wooohooo what a creative family you are and all the projects are truly truly stunning!!!!!!
When you have a moment can you pop on over to mine as i have an award for you.

Rosemary zei

What a wonderful crafty family - I see it is genetic. Love the table, the little carolers and those crocheted potholders are awesome.