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vrijdag 13 november 2009

In This House : Chapel Road 3

On Chapel Road lives Frank Brite, one of the members
of the CSI, the Coneberry Society of Inventors. He really
has a lot of bright ideas. He found a way to grow daisies
in the middle of winter and invented the Paraphone,
a machine that is said to make it possible to talk with
ghosts and spirits. He invented much more than this,
but these two are his favourite inventions. There is
of course a reason for this. One of his experiments went
wrong. It was a teleportation device that his wife Sue was
all too prepared to try out. She did disappear from the
starting pod, but never appeared at the destination
one. Frank was unconsolable and has been trying to
come in contact with his wife ever since. Sue had been
very fond of daisies and that is why Frank is dressing
his house with daisies all year long. Sadly he has not
yet been able to come in contact with his wife. He has
spoken to every ghost and spirit in Coneberry but
none of them has seen Sue in their realm. He is
determined to not stop trying though.

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Sandy zei

Wow das sieht mal wieder super aus. Einfach fantastisch. Gefällt mir sehr gut.

Vielen lieben Dank für Deinen starken Mann zu TGiF.

Unknown zei

Wunderschöne Arbeit! Sieht super aus.