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maandag 2 november 2009

In this house : Old town Square 1

Each year, the Bontecou family has two reunions,
right here in Coneberry village. They are a colourful
bunch. There is Uncle Fred, by day an accountant,
by night the host and most important participant
in a karaoke bar called "Just Sing Along !" His brother,
Uncle George, is the local coroner for the police, but
because of the lack of corpses, he has a job on the side
sewing clown outfits. Aunt Ginny is a merry little woman
that everybody just has to like. What might explain her
merriness is that she always carries around a big bag of
cherry liqueur chocolates.
The twenty-nine familymembers that attended this
autumn's reunion had a fantastic dinner at the
Coneberry Inn and afterwards headed to the home of
Niece Kathy, who lives in Old Town Square. There
they had coffee and played games until the evening
had turned into night. Everyone agreed that this was
the best reunion they had ever had, as they do every

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Rosemary zei

Oh my gosh, each of these is a mini masterpiece! I'm seriously in love with this project of yours! I don't know which home I want to visit first, although I'm staying away from Mr. Frank Brite! I don't want to disappear. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!

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