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maandag 23 november 2009

Mah-Jong Tournament

A few weeks ago we had our fourth family
Mah-Jong tournament. It was lots of fun again
and the last time it would be held at my cousin's
house at that time. Next year we will play either
in his new (smaller) house or at a public place.
As we play with over twenty family-members
it is quite possible he will not have enough space
to put in all the tables.

Here you can see my cousin Joost in action in the lower
left corner. He is in battle with his father (my uncle),
another uncle and another cousin (yes, we have a big

Here you can see my sister Annemieke at play (wearing
purple) with our uncle and two nieces.

Two aunts and a niece are deep in thought at the
three-man table.

We are building the wall before a new round, i am
sitting in the top left corner. My opponents are
an aunt, a cousin-in-law and the daughter of my
niece. In the back you can see my mother and sister.

Me having a go at a wooden puzzle. I did not solve it, alas.
My father was is none of the pictures as he was taking the
photo's :)

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