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vrijdag 21 oktober 2011

Visitors from far, far away

Last week, my sister and i had planned spending a week
together, or so i thought ! I went to pick her up at the
airport when all of a sudden, not one, but two visitors came
through the sliding doors. I was totally stunned because
the second person was my mum who has always been
afraid of flying. She had been very brave and decided to
get on that airplane and show what she is made of.

(SVG Airport just before landing)

Needless to say i was extremely impressed and proud
because i know it must have been very scary.
To make a long story short : instead of a "sisters-week",
we celebrated a "girls-week" and had lots of fun !
Shopping, crafting, knitting, baking, cooking, walking,
watching movies, what more can a girl ask for ?

So on saturday we went to Sandnes. We shopped for
clothes, had coffee and cakes and generally had a
good time.

On sunday we stayed indoors and knitted because
of the bad weather. It did not rain, it poored and
there was a storm blowing. So we lit a fire, made a
cheesecake and cocooned !

(On the right photo you can see the factory to the right)

On monday we took the buss to Oltedal to visit
the Gjesdal Spinneri, a wool factory, where they always
have great deals on wool and cottons yarns. We bought
a lot of yarn and had coffee and muffins before embarking
on the 14 km walk back home.

(The wind was blowing grass balls into the lake)

The weather was dreadful but we had fun anyway.
On the way home we passed a gasstation where we
had planned to eat a hamburger, they make really
good ones there. So as sort of a reward for the toiling
in rain and wind, we enjoyed three tasty hamburgers.

Some views from the road we walked, taken on a
day with better weather :

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Rosemary zei

Your time with your mother and sister sounds like it was delightful. A 14 km walk, good for all of you! You deserved the hamburger, if only for a moment to catch your breath. I love the idea of being inside and enjoying the company and creating, that is something you must have enjoyed thoroughly!