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zaterdag 22 oktober 2011

A trip to Stavanger

A visit from my mum and sister would not be complete
without a trip to Stavanger, so we did just that on monday.
We shopped for all kinds of things, had coffee and
hamburgers at the Golden Arches and spent a good deal
of time at our favourite shop in Stavanger, Søstrene Grenes.

The shop had moved to another building since
we last visited.

As always we bought a lot, since their products
are really inexpensive and a lot of fun.

The shop is very colourful and you would not
believe the diversity of stuff they have.

Also, there was the Autumn Market in Stavanger where
there are salesmen from all over Europe to sell their
wares, typical for the coutries they come from.There
were also salesmen from The Netherlands, selling cheese,
cookies, sausages and other things.

2 opmerkingen:

Rosemary zei

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful store! So much inspiration to be taken in with the colors, displays, etc. It looks like it was a great deal of fun. I'm sorry I haven't been visiting, so much stress with family illnesses going on. But I have thought of you and wondered what you were doing. I hope you are enjoying the visit with your Mom and sister.

Catharina Maria zei

Leuke stad en ik heb er mooie herinneringen aan .