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maandag 24 oktober 2011

Birthday fun

This year my birthday was filled with surprises : the first
thing was of course that not only my sister was visiting,
but my mum also.

(my mum -in red jacket- and my sister -in grey jacket -
are standing in front of the store on the left photograph,
my mum - red jacket - is all the way to the left on the
right picture)

The second thing was that there was a new shop was
opening at ten o'clock and there were ten jackets for
the first ten visitors for the amount of one norwegian
crowns (12 eurocents). My sister and i got the first
two jackets :D

Then there was the beautiful weather : it was warm
enough to sit outside in the sun, and that we did
while eating cake and knitting.
In the afternoon we went for a walk around the lake
nearest to our house and it was fantastic with the
sun and almost no wind.

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Catharina Maria zei

Altijd gezellig he als moeders en zuslief er zijn .
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