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dinsdag 10 augustus 2010

Pretty Skies

When we were at my parent's vacationhouse to go walk
the marches, we were treated to this :

These photographs have not been altered, what they
show here is exactly how we saw it that evening.

It was early in the evening, it was still light because it was
in the middle of summer, when it all of a sudden became
orangey-pink everywhere and then it started to rain like
crazy ! There was no wind at all and the raindrops fell
straight down, it was quite a sight.

After the clouds had rained out, the skies turned to their
normal colour again, but luckily we had these photographs
to relive the moment.

The photographs were taken by Remko.

2 opmerkingen:

Gez zei

Wow! beautiful photos. What a very pretty sky. Just love the shots through the trees. Some of them look really tall.

Gina zei

What a fabulous moment of nature to catch!! Well done :D XXX