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dinsdag 3 augustus 2010

In This House : Forest End 3

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This is Ula Reed. Ula is special. Ula is very special. In fact,
Ula is one sandwich short of a picnick. But that does make
her a very fun person to be with. Every day is a party,
nothing is the way it seems in Ula's world.
Today is monday. How I know do you ask ? Because Ula is
wearing a red headscarf and red rainboots. She has seven
different coloured sets of headscarves and boots and she
has never been witnessed outside the house without them.
On tuesdays she wears her yellow set, wednesdays are
perfect for orange. Light blue is only worn on thursdays,
fridays just scream olivegreen, saturday is a beige day
and on sudays the colour of choice has to be magenta.
Ula is close friends with Little Red Ridinghood. Ula and
her are having teaparties every tuesday, thursday and
sunday in Ula's treehouse, or rather treevilla, in the
large backgarden of Forest End three. Ula says that she
would love to invite you too but that LRR is too shy of
a person to want other people than Ula joining her for tea.
Ula has a pet fish called Frederick and a pet gnome. Well
the gnome is not really a pet. He and his gnome wife live
in a little dwelling at the foot of the tree where Ula has
her treevilla. The gnomes are called Auberon and Mabel
and are your typical garden-variety gnome. Auberon
always wears a red pointy hat and Mabel a moss-green
coloured one.
Ula has tried to convince Auberon and Mabel to wear
different coloured hats for each day of the week too, but
they would not go along with it. She then tried to convince
LRR but needless to say, that did not work out either.
Honestly, Little Yellow Ridinghood just has not got that
ring to it, now does it ?

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11 opmerkingen:

joanna zei

Love how the red pops out! beautiful image!

Gez zei

Thank you for the links & stopping by my bloggie. Hope you had a lovely break.xx

Annette zei

Now there's something you don't see everyday - shall we take the fishie for walkies?! Fab creation! Thanks for joining our "Out of this world challenge" at SSC.

Gina zei

another fabulous creation! Love this series of pics :D XXX

Kris Dickinson zei

Wonderful! The colors are gorgeous!

Martina2801 zei

Was für ein tolles Haus! Gefällt mir sehr gut!

Gemma zei

This is such a creative way of dealing with our challenge of this week! Great job! Thanks you for joining us at SSC, hope you wil join in the fun next week again! Hugs Gemma

Faye zei

What a creative and unusual card. It's cool. Thanks so much for playing with us at Charisma. xx

Sprytebyrd zei

Hehehe - now that's out of this world! Great card!
Thanks so much for joining us this week at Stamptacular Sunday! ♥ Good luck on our Out of this World challenge!
Dee (Spryte)
Sprytebyrds Spot

Carolyn zei

How hilarious is this and so out of the world. Love the lady walking the fish. Thanks for sharing it with us at SSC.
Hugs xx

Anne (cornucopia) zei

This is lovely!