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donderdag 5 augustus 2010

In This House : Ocean View 5

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Old Peter Caddis, son of Leia and Ciaran Caddis, is an old
fisherman that has been living in Coneberry Village his
whole life. The sea has been his life-long friend that has
generously given, but also taken away. This bond between
him and his fiesty mistress, the sea, is what turned him
funny though, or so say the villagers.
Especially the old people that have known Peter all his
life, have some grand old tales to tell about him.
One of their favourites is the one about Peter's goldfish
Bob. Bob died when Peter was only a wee lad of five
years old. The weird thing was, that Peter was not at
all sad when this happened. His mother asked him why,
and he replied by saying that everything would be allright,
if his father would take Bob with him when he went to sea
the next day.
His mother looked puzzled but she did ask her son any
questions. As the daughter of a gypsy fortune teller she
knew that there are some things that are better left unsaid.
That evening, Leia told Ciaran about Peter's wish and of
course Ciaran refused. He was a rockhard fisherman that
did not believe in anything that he could not see with his
own eyes, or touch with his huge hands.
Somehow, Leia managed to convince Ciaran though, and
the next day Peter's father set sail for the fishing grounds
with Bob, wrapped in a piece of newspaper, in his pocket.
Ciaran took Bob out of his pocket when they were about
three kilometres from the shore and he unfolded the
Bob had already lost some of his colour and had begun to
smell a bit. One of his big round eyes was staring up at
Ciaran when he gently let the goldfish slide into the water.
Then it happened : Bob blinked and in stead of sinking to
the bottom of the sea, he wiggled a bit and swam away.
If you ask Old Peter about Bob, he will tell you that his
mistress took him into her care, holds Bob in her arms
still and that he has nothing more to tell you about it.

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Gez zei

Brilliant house. I love your thinking! can't wait to see more. Hope you are having a nice week.
Hugs, Gez.xx

Lisa Somerville zei

Lovely shaped card, love the added fish! Thanks for playing at the PDCC.

Gina zei

Another fabulous page :D XXX

Gayle Page-Robak zei

So gorgeous, beautifully created.

Ruby zei

What a great creation, so different! Thanks for playing along with us at the PDCC!

Paul zei

Wow, love how those eyes are staring out from the house. The fish adds a lovely surreal touch. Px

Terry zei

Such a fabulous piece! Love that fish!

Neet zei

Fabulous - and so very different. Love it!

Suzanne C zei

Love the effect of the shape of the card and the fish. Thanks for joining us at the PDCC.

Suzanne C zei

Love the effect of the shape of the card and the fish. Thanks for joining us at the PDCC.

Savannah O'Gwynn zei

OH WOW! I love this house with text and the fish--great job with the color combo--Thanks for playing along and joining in the fun at the PDDC:}