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zondag 27 juni 2010


Last wednesday, on the 23rd of June, we celebrated
Sankthansaften here in Norway. The day is also called
Jonsok, which means "John's wake", important in
Roman Catholic times with pilgrimages to churches and
holy springs. Today, however, Sankthansaften is largely
regarded as a secular or even pre-Christian event.

In most places the main event is an outdoor picnic (with
barbeque) in the evening and the burning of a large bonfire.
The celebrations usually go on til deep in the night since it
does not get dark at this time of year in Norway.

It is said that if a girl puts flowers under her
pillow that night, she will dream of her future
husband. If you want to read more about this and other
related celebrations, click http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midsummer.

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Gina zei

Glorious photos, hope you had a lovley celebration :D
Love as always Gina x x x