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donderdag 10 juni 2010

Great Applepie

Last time i was visiting Delft we had the luminous idea to
go shopping and afterwards get a coffee and a piece of really
good applepie, some even say, the best applepie in Holland !

This applepie can be eaten at Café Kobus Kuch, where i
spent quite a few afternoons and especially evenings when
i was that age where you go out a lot.

Later we frequented the same Café regularly when we were
shopping or when the weather was bad and had applepie. It
seems this pie is the red thread through our relationship with
Café KK. All i can say is : go there and judge for yourself !

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Gez zei

Mmmm! looks delicious.

I've a friend who lives in Delft. I've never been but it looks a beautiful place. :)
You are so lucky to live where you live. ((hugs))