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zondag 18 oktober 2009

In This House : Market Street 6

Market Street 6 houses one of the restaurants in Coneberry
Village. It was founded by the father of the current owner
of the restaurant, Christine. Her father, Bob, named it
Leonore Christine after his wife and his daughter because
he could not come up with anything better. Bob sold LC a
few years ago to his daughter and he took it upon himself
to be the restaurant's chef. As much fun it is to work in
a restaurant that is your own, Christine has got a secret
passion, Origami. Whenever she has got a free minute she
can be found behind the restaurant, on the stairs that lead
into the alley, together with Kim, her Origami teacher. He
works in the restaurant too, as a waiter, waiting on his big
breakthrough as an Origami-Star. He has the manuscript
for his first Origami-book lying on his desk, only waiting
for a chance to have it read by a publisher. Everybody
has dreams ...

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6 opmerkingen:

K zei

great collage! love the house shape!

Audrey zei

Schitterend! dank je wel voor het meedoen!

Faye zei

Fascinating piece. I admire anyone who can do origami. I've never quite got the "hang of it."

peggy gatto zei

Very original it works!!!

Gayle Page-Robak zei

Enjoyed your beautiful steps and the story behind them...Excellent!

Rosemary zei

Another great story and beautiful accompanying piece. I so enjoy visiting the village when you post a new home.