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maandag 19 oktober 2009

In This House : Baker Street 4

Coneberry Village has many extraordinary,
extravagant and eccentric inhabitants. It is in fact
hard to find anyone that is not special in one or
another way. One Society in particular has a
lot of special members. It is the CSI, the
Coneberry Society of Inventors. All its members
like to invent. Some invent very useful things,
like a handbag that brings the thing you need
from it to the surface so that you do not have
to dig in it for minutes to finally get out your
housekey. But there are also other inventors
that invent things that are much less useful
like colourchanging ties. After a while these
ties get a mind of their own and refuse to
change to the colour of the wearer's wishes
and change colour whenever they feel like it,
as is very clear in this photograph. Whenever
there is a camera in sight, they change to
blazing red.

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Rosemary zei

I LOVE THIS VILLAGE! My gosh, this may be my favorite house yet! I think this is great, I love them all out there with the ties with minds of their own! If you can speak with the guys, would you please get them to create a refrigerator like the handbag so that husbands will not stand staring into the fridge?